To All Our Friends & Supporters in Arizona

We Support Trump on Issues!

Why I'm running for office, I spoke to others in AZ who are qualified to Run & Serve, however they won't volunteer and told me they don't care to be attacked by Career Politicians and their Fan Clubs calling themselves supporters as they've observed in past and this present Election Cycle. I'm hoping others will step up at this Critical Time in Our Nations History and join us in the Battle Against our Government and Political Parties as well to Restore America to a Truly Constitutional Republic.

Clair Van Steenwyk’s political citizen activism started at the age of nine by distributing campaign literature for President Eisenhower’s 1956 re-election campaign, where I've remained active politically since. Retiring after a successful business career Jean and I moved to Arizona 10 years ago where we became Precinct / State Committeemen and Delegates. I was invited to join various committees and later to help draft Legislation for LD 22 Representatives to submit and support on behalf of their Districts constituents, who Precinct Committeemen represent the voice of everyday voters, not for the GOP to impose their agenda down through the PC’s and out to the voters.

My Radio Career began in California in 2003 then FL and finally in 2009 to the Phoenix Market when a Colorado Radio Network asked Clair to relocate his program to Phoenix with a new theme of ‘Political Talk with a Christian Perspective’ where Crossroads with Van / Political Talk was created on KXXT 1010 AM Christian Radio. These programs were also simulcast on the Internet with Video Streaming on a National / International Platform, many shows are archived for review here, take a listen and note the depth and consistency of his positions through the years.

In time ‘Crossroads With Van / Political Talk’ became ‘the AZ Radio Show’ for elected Representatives, Republicans, Independents, Activists etc. and those wanting to enter politics to join Van on air to present and discuss their perspective on issues and goals. JD Hayworth pinned Clair with the title of “VAN my Radioman” (Van the Radioman) when JD ran against McCain in 2010. So popular was Crossroads, Clair began to emcee and moderate GOP events state wide while the AZGOP was sending Van’s radio show guests they were promoting, clearly Clair Van Steenwyk believes in True Republican Principals.

Over the years the majority of conservative type political figures made appearances on Crossroads with Van,with many returning multiple times. Before interviews on Crossroads, Clair did extensive research on his guests realizing more and more the image politicians were presenting, didn’t match their legislative records and/or behaviors. As a result Crossroads format transformed in time to a penetrating view, as they were dismayed about what was happening to changing Republican Values and surrender now being called Compromise. The New Crossroads format change steadily increased ratings in AZ and Nationally to the ire of AZ GOP ESTABLISHMENT as Clair was waking people up by being Faithful to Arizona Voters.

It became clear the majority of the elected and wannabes were self-focused knowing they had to join in to be accepted, to receive establishment support becoming members of the Elusive Club: to prove they had that (GOP) Electability trait aka compliant to the Status Quo – all others need not apply (try)…. Clair with Jean’s blessing and support opted to leave Radio and do Internet Blog Talk Radio, the intent was to use their monies that funded Crossroads to run for office: they believed change would be better accomplished from within. However this didn’t stop Van & Jean from sponsoring Rallies, GOP Candidate Forums and a Fund Raiser for Vets.

So much for morals and ethics and things like truth, self-respect and character, or when one’s word meant something as Clair’s Dad instilled in him: ‘One’s Word meant Everything’ or as he’s stated to many My Word is My Bond. Clair Van Steenwyk has never wavered from his positions over the years evident by his Campaign Position Statements in 2012 against McCain mentored Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate. Position Statements that remained the same during his 2014 U.S. House challenge of Trent Franks 7 Term Incumbent.

Clair's positions remain the same for his current 2016 Campaign to Represent the Voters in AZ with Clair's announcing his run once again against Rep. Franks who's now seeking his 8th Term in the House, certainly making Franks what most would call a Career Politician. We need to also recall in the past AZ Presidential Primary Franks endorsed long time Gang of Eight Leader Sen. McCain's colleague Sen. Rubio both for Amnesty, which brings the question where does Franks really stand on Border Security & Illegal Alien Issues. He has just recently said he'd support Trump however reluctantly. Can Franks and other GOP Incumbents like Ryan be trusted to help US or set up Political Roadblocks for Trump to assure the GOP Establishment stays in Power? Franks Voted YES to give Obama Authority to Fast Track Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. YES for Debt Ceiling Increases, CISPA, Warrantless Wire Taps, Re - Authorization of The Patriot Act & to make it Permanent. Franks takes orders from GOP Bosses in DC, Voting 95% in lockstep with DC Establishment, putting America deeper in Debt, Not Secure, Losing Constitutional Freedoms all while he’s been in office, so are we better off than we were when Franks went to DC in 2003?
Franks Sponsored 102 Bills, 92 Failed, 10 passed, one Tossed Out in Court: HR 2938 (2011) the Anti-Glendale Casino (Jobs) Bill which McCain, Flake and Franks are still trying to close the Glendale Casino Costing Glendale Jobs and $$$. Check out Franks’ record: Click to Read Franks' Record

There is no confusion whatsoever where Clair Van Steenwyk stands on issues, or that he doesn’t waiver from his Convictions and Love of the United States of America. Simply stated Clair is not corruptible and when paired with his ability to call a spade a spade backed with Constitutional understanding and an in-depth knowledge of the games Legislators play to hide their voting records, Clair Van Steenwyk is clearly seen by the GOP as a Fox who needs to be kept out of the GOP legislative hen house, much like Trump, or Trump like Van.

Clair has spent a considerable amount of time at the Capital testifying on various House and Senate Bills. Most recently the AZ GOP assault over the past two years initiated by Former Senator Dr. Kelli Ward in 2015 with her SB 1038 & Amended HB 2184 and ending in Sen. Ward & 14 GOP Senators voting for SB 1469 taking away authority from the Superintendent of Public Instruction and saying that Douglas agreed giving it a Governor appointed Board of Czars without consulting the real Owners We the People, this isn't Ward's first time at violating a trust, ask yourselves is she really the defender of the Constitution and Conservative she claims to be, I think not.

Senators McCain and Ward have very questionable Legislative records making them more Moderate to Liberal Republicans. Van has said if there were someone running he could vote for he would, since that's not the case he's pledged to supporters he'll continue to do the best he can to inform the Voters and let them decide who Represents AZ in DC. Read McCains' Records or Wards

The ime to Stop Politicians from Digging a Deeper Hole, TIME to Fill this One in on them. Voting for Incumbents and expecting a different result is Einstein’s definition of Insanity, look at the results of Re-Electing Incumbents or Promoting them as well, let’s not forget the Promises of now Senator Flake in 2012 as to the Border and More, as well as Rep. Franks voting for the Bad Trade Deals that Trump has criticized in his run for President..

I’m AZ'S Citizen GOP Candidate Running to Represent AZ in DC and believe it’s time for Voters to be represented by someone not seeking a Political Career but with only the Heart Felt Desire to Restore the Great American Dream of Freedom which will fulfill the other Dreams we all have for Our Children and Future Generations of Americans, with the support of AZ'S Citizens and not the Politicians.

God Bless You All;
Clair and Jean Van Steenwyk

For Victory in Arizona’s U.S. Senate and House race funds are needed and we’re depending on those who encouraged us and other Freedom Loving Americans to now donate on this site or mail to; 13726 W. Gable Hill Drive, Sun City West, AZ 85375. Or you can Donate by clicking on the blue Donate button above.

Clair's available to speak or meet with any groups or private citizens upon request, contact us on the site or his scheduler at 602-740-4165 or