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National Security, Natural Born, Birthright Citizenship, Merit Immigration & Illegal Aliens / Low-Cost Labor

My positions on National Security, Sovereignty, Immigration, Visas, and Citizenship are relevant, even though I’m not running for Federal Office. I’m stating my positions because those supporting me in LD 22 have a Right to know where I stand on the issues. I’ve been an activist for Decades and ran for Federal Office in AZ. I intend to lobby both State and Federally-Elected Officeholders to support these positions for the best interest of all Americans.

The U.S. Constitution clearly requires the Federal Government to Protect the States from Invasion. In 1954, President Eisenhower (“Ike”) stated, If you have people within your borders and don’t know who they are, it’s called an Invasion. (Deportation Plan, June, 1954)

Ike was our European Commander during WW II. We can take a lesson from a Real Commander-in-Chief who saw the danger of an invasion by Non-Citizens into the U.S., and ended it by repelling and deporting millions of illegals, as had Presidents Truman & Hoover before him.

United States National Security, Sovereignty, Citizenship and Immigration are basically one-in-the-same and must be dealt with by keeping that Fact in Mind. This can be accomplished by implementing some very basic changes, and using monies from the Defense Budget to Build a Wall, which is no different than spending monies from the Defense Budget to buy Ships or Jets for the Military.

The Amnesty signed-onto by President Reagan hasn’t worked out for U.S. Citizens; his apology for his decision to give it came a little to late. Now, your choice will be made by those you support. If those in office believe that we, as voters, are too weak to Take a Stand, then they’ll Surrender for US.

Our Borders will be protected by the Border Patrol, the appropriate federal agencies, and the National Guard, or Military Troops. Current events involve President Trump considering ordering the Military to the Southern Border to defend against the real threat from an ~1300-member Invasion Force. He has chosen to order-up 4000 National Guard Troops.  However, there is NO constitutional or legal prohibition against posting U.S. Troops on the Border!  Claims to the contrary are Myths.  The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits federal troops policing the citizens within our Borders! It has nothing to do with federal troops being used to enforce the constitutional mandate to protect our Borders! The Border Patrol and the Military guarding our Land Borders is no different than the U.S. Air Force and Navy guarding our airspace and coastlines from invasion, which a permanent Wall will also accomplish.

States must protect themselves if the Federal Government won’t do it! Article 1. Section 10. Clause 3, clearly states what Governors can do, but none have, as they climb their Political Party Ladders and won’t upset the Politics-As-Usual apple cart.

States have the authority to take-over if the Federal Government for any reason ends or suspends any of the new programs mentioned, because an invasion is War, regardless of the strategy used. The Mexican Government encourages, indoctrinates, equips and facilitates its subjects to invade our Sovereign States and Nation, for the purpose of “reclaiming” our Southwestern States that they lost in the Mexican American War of 1848-1849; they call these States (including Arizona!) “Aztlan.” They are invading US, whether or not we call it what it is!  The so-called Honduran Caravan of “Migrants” from several nations is nothing less than an Invasion Force intended by its supporters to blow-open our Borders as they have done with great success in Europe!  [There is no such thing as a “Migrant” crossing international borders! One may “migrate” within one’s own borders, but, leaving one’s own country to enter another, is “emigration” followed by “immigration.” It is high-time Americans realize this fact.]

State and Local law enforcement agencies will arrest Illegals within their jurisdictions, and turn them over to ICE Agents. Costs incurred by state and local authorities will be reimbursed by the Federal Government, assuring cooperation. No Federal Aid will be given to any so-called “Sanctuary” Localities.

First thing to do on the List: The Opening Session of Congress must introduce an Enforcement First Bill requiring the immediate enforcement of all our Immigration Laws and Securing all Our Borders.

National Security & Immigration

Build a WALL where terrain allows, with the Border Patrol monitoring the Points of Entry into the United States. Employ technology like that at Nevada’s Area 51, which has not been breached in over 50 years; include Drones, Earthquake Tech for underground movement [Infrasonic Wave Radiation Detection], using monies from the Defense Budget.

I took this picture on one of our trips to the Border, and while there watched a group of people on the other side of the border under some trees waiting to cross, I assume this since they weren’t doing anything but waiting and this fence wasn’t very long so at some points you could walk across, ” We Need a WALL NOW”!

We must also simultaneously have Congress pass a Merit System for all Visa Entry into the United States, no matter the reason. All Visa applicants must be subject to the same basic Merit System.

Article 1. Section 8. Clause 4, clearly preserves the States’ authority, and none of the 3 Branches of the Federal Government has Constitutional Authority to change that simply by Executive Order, decree or ruling. There’s a process that must be followed.

The “DACA” Executive Order written by President Obama (extended by President Trump even after a ruling by the Supreme Court stating very clearly that DACA is illegal), must not be allowed to be a tool used to bring about Amnesty, Legal Status, Pathway to Citizenship, for Illegals, or we risk our Nation’s Status as a Nation of Laws.

America claims to be a Nation of Laws. If this is true, then no more Executive Orders nor Extending of Orders such as DACA. We must also end former President G.W. Bush’s catch & release, as it’s the main reason many invade our Nation Illegally, as, once released they almost never show up for any hearing, they just disappear into the shadows with no punishment nor deportation. Which I believe is why Bush set up the program, as he’s an Open Border Progressive Republican just like his Father and Sen. McCain.


Public Law 414, established the law and the intent of Congress regarding the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, also known as the McCarran/Walters Act (Both Parties voted for it and also overrode a veto by President Truman) passed June 27, 1952, which revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. It must be enforced.

The Immigration of Aliens into the U.S. remains in effect to this day, and must be enforced to keep any member of any group from teaching the overthrow of the U.S. Government. This Act is far better at protecting us than any Vetting system can ever be!

The new Merit Immigration system will put a Permanent End to All Chain, Lottery and Diversity Migration, once and for all.

It will restructure our entire Immigration system into a Merit System, with specific qualifications for all applicants, beginning with: Financially Self-Supporting, Health, Age, Education, Speak & Read English. These will be the Foundation of the system for each Foreign National applying for Resident Alien, Worker, Visitor, or Student status.

There’ll be specific qualifications and limits according to the category they fall under; No Exceptions, No Family or any other type of Chain Migration. All applying to enter, will be completely Vetted before entering the United States: No Exceptions; America’s National Security First!

Citizens of Countries that sponsor terrorism or espouse the overthrow of our form of government will undergo Extreme Vetting and will not be allowed entry unless the Vetting has 100% cleared the applicant.

Among the many issues covered, one in particular is found in Chapter 2, Section 212: the prohibition of entry to the U.S. if the Alien belongs to an organization intent on overthrowing the Government of the United States by “Force, Violence, or other unconstitutional means.”

A congressional report shows that without a mass immigration bill, the foreign-born population is expected to rise to 60 million within ten years. No Nation can long survive such an invasion of its borders; witness Europe’s self-imposed islamic invasion. We must reform the Naturalization process to a 5-year time-frame for legal Resident Aliens who want to become citizens, and allow only their immediate family members (wife or husband and minor children only) to Immigrate under the New Merit Program.

All Immigrants who decide for whatever reason that they don’t choose to become Naturalized Citizens will then be required to leave at the end of the 5-year-period, and will have 90 days to leave.

Visa Programs

National Security is a necessary part of any Visa program with Foreign Nationals entering from all Nations.

Put a Freeze on H-1 and -2B Worker Visas: H-1B Visas presently replace 65,000 American workers annually. Congress has planned to increase H-1B Visas by 10 times to 650,000 yearly; allowing outside contractors to work in the U.S. at lower wages. H-1 & -2B Visa programs are used to obtain cheaper labor. [And to provide another means of flooding our country with foreign invaders.]

Said freeze on H-1 and -2B Visas will only be lifted when Unemployment in a specific field is under a true Provable 4% or less. Otherwise, scrap the entire flawed systems and start with a new one better-designed for the future of America, not the past injustice.

We must also end a program called, “All Optional Practical Training” (OPT) program. This is supposed to be a jobs program for foreign students, in which, currently about 130,000 foreign students are given temporary work permits for one to two years.

The program is a scam, since no “training” is given to any student it’s simply more foreign workers replacing American Students. A new rule would add more than 500,000 foreign students, totaling 700,000. This would result in greater difficulty for our children to gain employment. [And, again, another means of flooding our country with foreign invaders. . . .] This program must be Permanently Ended!

All Employers will be notified immediately to begin giving All Job Opportunities to American workers first, and terminating the employment of all Illegal Aliens (whether they overstayed Visas, or Illegally entered the U.S.), as U.S. Citizens, and then, legal Resident Aliens, replace the Illegals.

30–to-180 days after the job opportunities would be opened to those with Valid Worker Visas who meet the New Merit System Standards, the Illegals presently employed would be dismissed as replacements are found, and will await deportation.

The new procedures will end the complaint of disrupting businesses. If illegals self-deport they may apply for a New Visa to return under the new Merit Immigration system. But, if we have to deport them, no return will be allowed. And, we’ll only issue Visa’s for workers when they meet the Qualifications, and Unemployment in that field is 4% or less.

The E-Verify System will be made mandatory immediately, with substantial fines, including a minimum of $1,000 per employee for employers found in Violation of Immigration Law–No Exceptions.

There’ll be specific qualifications and limits according to the category they fall under–No Exceptions. A Student Visa will apply to a specific School, Degree sought, and will require proof of enrollment.

The time allowed will be as follows: a Student Visa will be issued for two semesters only, then the student may reapply if he (or, she) has passing grades in all classes–no exceptions–and no Student Visa holders will be allowed to compete with U.S. Citizens for employment.

All Visas will have strict penalties attached, if the holder does not leave on-time; in which case apprehension will result in fines, immediate deportation, and no subsequent Visa granted for a period of no less than 5 years, which could be permanent depending on any other violations.

The present Visa system hasn’t been up to the task of tracking visitors under any of the referenced categories:

“We meaning our department of Immigration lost track of over 525,000 Visitors, who failed to report to leave and no one in ICE knows where they are, and 25% of them are from a Middle East Country.”

All applying for entry will be completely Vetted before entering the United States–No Exceptions; America’s National Security First.

All applying for Visas will be required to post a Bond that guarantees they will leave the U.S. as specified in the issued Visa, or, forfeit the Bond, and, when apprehended, be deported; permanently losing any future Visa privileges..

Who Are Citizens?

We must clarify the meaning of the term “Natural Born Citizen!”  The Framers of the U.S. Constitution knew exactly what they intended when they restricted the Office of the Presidency to “Natural Born Citizens,” and they knew exactly why they imposed it.  Pretending not to understand the term in order to elect an individual who does not qualify does not change the unconstitutionality of the act. Link:

We must also expose the unconstitutional and unlawful application of the term, “Birthright Citizen” to children born on U.S. soil who are NOT Citizens of the U.S. by birth; AKA: “Anchor Baby.” The terms are erroneously applied in the U.S. to a federal statute derived directly from the 14th Amendment: Immigration and Nationality Act. Chapter 1. Sec. 301. [8 U.S.C. 1401(a)], Link: The obvious language excludes—as does the 14th Amendment–children born on U.S. soil who are NOT “subject to the jurisdiction thereof, . . .” This means a child born to a Foreign National present on U.S. soil is NOT a U.S. Citizen by “Birthright” derived from the location of his birth! This is a deliberate erroneous distortion of the original intent clearly stated first in the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, which was NOT applied to ALL children born on U.S. soil until those working to transform our Nation and destroy our Constitution did so in the 1950s!

The Constitution isn’t an international document meant to apply to non-citizens, but to citizens only. The many who erroneously claim that the 14th Amendment guarantees citizenship to anyone born on American soil, are wrong; that isn’t the Law, and never has been Law.

We must bring Clarity to this issue, settling it once and for all; so-called “Birthright Citizens,” “Anchor Babies, other children born in the U.S. to visitors holding Visas who are legally in the country, children born to foreign diplomats, heads of state, foreign military prisoners, tourists, etc, are still citizens of the nation of which their parents are citizens.

Consider the following hypothetical situation:

A person enters your home illegally with his pregnant wife. While there, she gives birth. You come home and catch them, so you call the police. The police arrest the parents, but leave the child in your home, telling you to give him (or, her) your last name because having been born in your home he is a Citizen of the U.S. Thankfully, that wouldn’t happen! (I hope!)

So, I wonder why it is so hard for people to understand that, by our law you nor, say, anyone in your family, can benefit from a crime you commit. Illegal entry is a crime, so why do our Comprehensive Politicians in both parties want so-called Anchor Babies treated differently than any child of a Citizen of the U.S., who can’t benefit from a crime, but they can?

The obvious reason is that it gives them another Foreign National masguerading as a Citizen of our Nation, who will potentially become a Democrat voter. This is not morally nor lawfully Right!

We, as Americans, can’t allow those in government agencies or courts to set and misinterpret or misapply the laws; they have no Constitutional Authority to do so!

Great Video on Natural Born Citizens:

Closing Comments

We have heard too many false promises from AZ Politicians in AZ’s Own Political Swamp! We need Real change in AZ Politics, and the only way I see to get this done is by Constitutionalists running to replace those short-sited Politicians.

I believe Election Cycles are Critical for our Nation and State as to whether we sink deeper into a Socialistic Nation, or Restore Ourselves to a True Republican Form of Government.

The choices are clear: Never vote for anyone who votes against, or compromises, the U.S. or AZ Constitutions . . . as Our Freedoms are at stake. I believe compromising Our Freedoms is actually what most of them are hoping for, and the  Elite Power Brokers are working toward!


Time to Drain the Political Swamps!

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Originally posted by Clair 9/11/2011 Updated 7/17/2015

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Originally posted by Clair 9/11/2011 Updated 7/17/2015