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Empowering Illinois Through Dedicated Leadership

Vote4Van’s mission is to advocate for the candidacy of Clair and Jean Van Steenwyk for the house of representatives in Illinois. We are dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement in the political process.

At Vote4Van, our vision is to create a more informed and engaged electorate in Illinois. We strive to empower voters to make educated decisions and actively participate in shaping the future of our state’s politics.

Vote4Van has been recognized for its commitment to promoting civic engagement and fostering a culture of political awareness. Our efforts have earned us accolades for our dedication to transparency and accountability.

We believe in a government that truly serves the people of Illinois – Clair Van Steenwyk

Clair Van Steenwyk

Dedicated to serving

Our Vision and Values

Vote4Van is committed to transparency, integrity, and empowering voters through honest dialogue.

We believe in a government that works for the people, always prioritizing the needs of Illinois residents.

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