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I am a Christian Constitutional Republican. I believe in the foundation that our country was built on, I’m also a Retired Businessman & Political Talk Show Host, who understands how to make things run smoothly with last minute changes will be made within Budget and without Delaying the Voting Process

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I'm not a career politician and won't be.

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Welcome to Vote 4 Van

These are my plans and positions to resolve some of the problems I’ve identified for AZ Voters, and if you have questions as to my experience, intentions or qualifications please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll respond ASAP to your request. 

I’m a retired Businessman with a background in Operations, Sales, Marketing, Property Management, and Broadcasting and believe the knowledge and experience I gained in these Fields will be beneficial in the Maricopa County Recorders office.  The management and the planning skills needed to fix the problems the Maricopa County Recorders Office, which includes Voter Registration and Early Ballots which are the Direct Responsibility of the Recorder and will work diligently to protect All Voters Rights.

Van’s Interview on Channel 3 in the 2018 campaign
, I enjoyed this interview with what I consider a very Professional & Objective Reporter, which as most Conservatives know are hard to find, she was considerate and thoughtful in her questioning, and even though the original interview was much longer than 3 minutes the editing was objective and fair and we enjoyed the entire experience. Van’s Interview on Channel 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRF3xKZZAmc, to view more videos go to the Video page or click the you tube symbol and then just sit back and view, and also take a look at this; Van speaking at AZ Legislature Committee Meetings to those in Office giving them some advice on truly representing the people about the NPV, and not received very well by the Committee. .

County Recorder Fontes didn’t count Thousands of Primary Votes in 2018, and not counting Ballots submitted by Registered Voters violates Voters Constitutional Rights, as All American Citizens Right to Vote is only a Right if the Votes are Counted, and when they’re not Counted that is Voter Fraud perpetrated by the Government, for your Right to Vote exceeds their State Laws & Statutes, that negate your Vote. 
Fontes also extended the process of verifying signatures long after the Polls were closed which hasn’t been the practice of our previous Recorders.

Fontes quietly & secretly opened Polling places in areas with High Democrat Voter Registration and then promptly closed them once his objective was accomplished, this is a Form of Voter Fraud, which manipulated the results.
The Maricopa County Recorder can’t make deals with Politicians, Attorneys or other Special Interest Groups allowing Non Citizens, Legal or Illegal Immigrants to File to Vote pending proof of Citizenship, this is unnecessary paperwork and may lead to Non Citizens Voting.

Voters distrust is due to the Institutional Voter Fraud allowed within the elections operating systems, however just fixing the Voting systems and Laws won’t fix all Voter Fraud, we’ll still have no control over the Fraud committed on the Voters long before the First Ballot is cast by many who run for office

Let’s 1st examine the definition of Fraud which is an Act of deceiving or misrepresenting: A person who is not what he or she pretends to be is called, Trickery, Misleading, and Lying.  Trickery, specifically Deceit:  intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value, (such as your Vote).

Misleading, and Lying is Fraud and a crime to gain money or financial benefits by a Trick or by Lying, Impostor, Cheat, Fake, Bluffer, or is something or someone that deceives people. This type of Voter Fraud can only be corrected by a Well Informed Electorate, and now more than ever we must all strive to be informed and to inform others as well.

One Perfect example of Voter Fraud that’s been committed by several now holding office and up for Re Election is they Supported and Voted 4 the NPV, all the LD’s in AZ must ask those running for Re Election if they’ll still Vote 4 NPV exposing the Fraud they perpetrated on the Voters just 4 years ago, and yes I’m speaking of Republican Incumbents who are still in Office in 2020.

My Goal is to set up a Voting System in Maricopa County that Voters can Trust and believe this will encourage Higher Voter Participation, leaving a Template for all Future County Recorders to Follow. I’ve set up Operational Systems in Businesses. I’ll lay out a Sound Business Plan with the Dedication to carry it out, so as to Operate the Maricopa County Recorders Office honestly and efficiently Safeguarding the Rights of Voters, this isn’t a Political Issue and will Insure Your Right to Vote which Includes Counting It

To qualify to register to Vote on an Arizona Form and guarantee those who Register new voters follow our laws , as stated, however Proof of Citizenship isn’t Required on the Federal Form and the Socialist Dems use it as AZ AG & Gov signed Off on It, these two are a piece of work.

  • Be a U.S. citizen with Proof of Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport.
  • Be a resident of the Arizona county listed on your registration.
  • Be at least 18 years old on or before the date of the next general election.
  • NOT disqualified from voting at this time due to felony conviction(s).
  • NOT be declared “incompetent” by a court
  • These Laws are simple to understand and easy to follow, as the U.S. Constitution and AZ Law both require U. S. Citizenship to Vote, with No Exceptions.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees the Rights of Every U.S. Citizen, the Right to Vote being one of these; Amendments XV, XXIV, and XXVI, clearly state that it’s a Right for U.S. Citizens Only and Early Voting is a Prime Example of Voter Fraud and must be Ended.

Voter Roles must be brought updated, updating Unidentifiable Voters Signatures ( this change would have made Thousands of Primary Votes Count in 2018, remove the deceased, moved or without Proof of Citizenship from the Voter Roles. 

I pledge to End Ballot Harvesting in Maricopa County by enforcing the present laws and petitioning the State Legislature to write or amend Laws that will clearly prevent any form of Ballot Harvesting and Correct the Institutional Voter Fraud that’s Built into the System Preventing Fraud in Future AZ Elections, and we must consider Ending or at the very least Shortening Early Voting, and get Voter ID for All AZ Voters.

President Trumps response to a question on Mail In or Early Voting. Link to the Video:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oNjNh-6cKc76S4L74BV971fuN8bfYFgv/view?fbclid=IwAR2p4RCgLC7MPRiajJ2JYMv08oeUUF8JMYWO2xTjOwHV0haLYBSo_pPm_2k

I’ve no desire to be a Career Politician and, believe the Goals  set forth are achievable before the Primary Elections of 2022.

My Guarantee to All U.S. Citizens Your Right to Vote will not be Abridged by any State Law, as it’s a God Granted Right and this is the Rule of Law I Will Follow.

© 2018 Clair Van Steenwyk • Paid for by Friends for Van