AZ Propositions Misleading to Say the Least!

AZ Legislators want to Retire on State Monies & Raise Our Taxes Again!

I attended a meeting on 10/02/18 at SC GOP Office to discuss the Propositions at length with John Heep, Randy Miller and about 2 dozen others. We Discussed all 5 PROPS and found the Golden Slate being distributed by LD 21 not in compliance with the AZ Constitution or in the Best Interests of Voters, with the exception of PROP 127.

We’ve been told the GOP Executive Committee made these recommendations. Here’s the recommendations the majority of us agreed on with our, we don’t Benefit from our Positions, and expect office holders to disagree even though they’re Public Servants, but will Benefit by getting Voters to Believe and Pay the Price for doing so.


PROP 125 is a NO, most once retired don’t get raises from their former employers, why would those who work for us? If Passed could cost Future Generations Hundreds of Millions more, and AZ’s already 40 Billion+ in Debt, with No End in Sight.

PROP 126 is a YES, this will prevent State & Local Governments from adding New Taxes on US, the wording is misleading. The GOP is for Smaller Government and Less Taxation PROP 126 is 4 New & Higher Taxation.

We Agree Only on PROP 127 as a NO, we don’t Need Higher Utility Bills like Ca. and know the government can’t have that Power Over US.

PROP 305 is a NO, This Prop Violates the AZ Constitution by funding Private Schools, and if passed turns them into Public Schools by receiving Federal Funding, would force them to comply with Federal Regulations like Common Core.

PROP 306 is a NO, Passing this Prop would Allow Clean Elections Monies to be mixed with Private Monies, including PACS, Lobbyists, Other Campaigns Etc., and we believe Violates the intent of Clean Elections.

Your Votes are yours and this a means to inform you, hoping to keep the Process Honest and Voters Informed, and Not 4 Gain.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk
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U.S.A. We Won / Thanks Pres. Trump Great Birthday Present 4 Me.

America 1st Policy Works for the U.S.A.

We’ve been talking about how bad NAFTA was for years now and none of the Federal Reps. in AZ would either listen or try to do anything about this, well we finally managed to Elect an America 1st Patriot to be Our President, now on my Birthday President Trump Delivered by putting a Stake in NAFTA and giving all of us the New USMCA Trade deal which will stop the bleeding.

I hope the GOP has enough of a spine to pass this Deal after the Nov. Elections and doesn’t allow them to do to the Deal what they’ve been doing to Judge Kavanaugh as certain they’ll find something wrong with it, and will be surprised if that doesn’t start today before President Trump’s message gets out to the Citizens of the USA.

We must begin an onslaught of Phone Calls, Emails, Tweets, Mail and any other form of communications any of you use to your AZ Reps. and all of Congress and tell your friends in AZ and outside to push this thru, once again this is a Great Birthday Present for Me.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

GOP Has Left the Room Part I

Randy Miller Reformed Constitutional Republican LD21:
The Republican Party Has Left the Room

– We have too many in the Republican Party who believe they must hold an “Allegiance” to the party and to those in charge. This, despite the fact that many of those in the party are themselves obstructionist, disloyal to their oaths, globalists, big government and anti-constitution lying traitors, chanting Party Loyalty and Republican at all costs. Ladies and gentleman, this is communism because it has become all about the “party” and not about our laws and the fact that in our country, “The power of Government is Inherent in the People.”

Our Loyalty is not to the party or to a person, it is and must be to our Constitutions. While I want nothing more than to be part of a unified and moral group, we have to recognize that “moral” and “unified” are both missing in todays Republican Party. We have lost our right to elect those we believe are the best for office. Instead, we are fed propaganda about candidates by those who want them in office – like unions, special interest groups, out-of-staters, PAC’s and our own party. An outsider cannot compete with the financial power of these groups that assist and endorse incumbents. So, now incumbents don’t have to campaign. They avoid the voters so as not to show just how incompetent they are or that they’re True RINO’s.

I believe both of these fit the current LD 21 Senator who was appointed by Supervisor Clint Hickman – not elected by the people. Now we are forced to choose between “The lessor of the two evils” yet again. Dem candidate Kathy Kinect, an individual who has no work experience and admits she has been an unpaid community activist her whole life.. She is a repeat of Obama., or we can choose Rick Gray who is a True RINO. He votes for and co-sponsored the NPV, failed to intercede while on the Appropriations Committee when Greg McKay admitted he misspent $44 million dollars. Then the next year Rick and Debbie approved an additional $60 million at the request of Mr. McKay with No Accountability. And what about the kids?

We now have a $15 million law suit on this agency that has already cost Taxpayers $5.5 million to defend. Thanks Rick, and all the others that sat on their hands. Rick is the “go to” guy that the party knows will support the agenda of both the governor and them. This will be the first of many articles on the Republican Party Leaving the Room.

Randy Miller

AZ’s GOP PURPLE Sen. Flake Betrays US Again!

AZ’s Own GOP PURPLE U. S. Senator Jeff Flake

Sen. Flake tried to get the Judiciary Committee to Force the Senate to Delay the Floor Vote on Judge Kavanaugh for a One Week Investigation by the FBI, which is nothing more than aiding the Socialist Democrats in delaying the Vote to get even more accusations to spring up from nowhere, as well as a signal I believe from Flake he’ll Vote No if they don’t do as he asks.

I also Believe this is something Senators Collins,Murkowski, Wicker plus others want, are using the Judiciary Committee to do for them thru Sen. Flake who’s a willing player in this Web of GOP PURPLE SENATORS and REPRESENTATIVES. I don’t believe any of us will ever be totally Free as long as these types of People are in the Leadership of the GOP and as Voters we must if we Truly Love the USA to remove them ASAP from Office at All Levels, and if not then get ready for even more Betrayals in the Future.

This is why as Americans we can no longer support the Lesser of Two Evils for any Office as they always prove to be not a Friend of Freedom ,but only the Crooked Politicians seeking to hang onto Power, so I hope this shows all not only in AZ but in the US this so called Lesser of Two Evils GOP Theology will in the Long Run bring Our Republic to its’ Knees Enslaving All of US.
Sen. Flake needs to know if he betrays us as Sen. McCain did on the Healthcare Bill, he needn’t return to AZ but needs to set up permanent residence in DC and join Kyl as a Lobbyist.

Question; What did the Socialist Democrats Promise Flake if he does this Political Favor 4 them?

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Sen. Flake Vote 4 Judge Kavanaugh Now!

It’s time for all AZ Citizens who believe you’re Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY Time to Stand UP!

Judge Kavanaugh Balanced Justice!

I watched the Entire U.S. Senate Hearing today and was completely disappointed with the Prosecutor of Maricopa County as she missed at the very least Three Opportunities to explore why Dr. Ford brought this accusation against Judge Kavanaugh.
1. She stated even after the so called Sexual Misconduct she’s accused Judge Kavanaugh of committing stated she continued going to parties he attended. This makes no sense as most would never give anyone who attacked a 2nd chance at this.

2. She clearly stated that once she saw Judge Kavanaugh nominated for the US Supreme Court she knew she had to do something to stop him from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. She could have brought these charges against him while he was on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, most believe the 2nd Highest position a Judge could hold with a great deal of influence on generations to come with his decisions, however would never be able to over rule Roe vs. Wade and this I believe is the Issue and the Socialist Democrats will stoop to anything to get this done.

3. This Alleged Crime was committed in a state that apparently has no Statute of Limitations, so she could have filed a report there and the Police would have had to investigate it and since this is basically a Liberal State believe they’ve have been all over it, once again Maricopa County Attorney never asked this question as well.

Americans who believe in Our Form of Government must take a strong Stand and Call Senator Jeff Flake’s Office ASAP (R- AZ) 202-224-4521 • 202-228-0515, it’s time to become part of this process and Call in Favor of Voting 4 Judge Kavanaugh, as we’ve heard Sen. Flake is still Fence Sitting, whether he’s doing this to be the center of attention isn’t relevant, he must be moved to Vote in Favor of Judge Kavanaugh and I encourage all AZ to give him a Call.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

U. S. Justice vs. Social Justice

Accused today by the Social Justice Groupies and Presumed Guilty, if this is Now the New Rule of Law in the U.S. the Fall of the Republic is at Hand.

We the People must make Our Voices Heard, most believing in the Rule of Law have sat quietly by and watched the Social Justice Movement continue pushing their Agenda to retake the U.S. Government and continue the March to Socialism that is waiting for all of US. The Social Justice Groupies have no intention of allowing another Constitutional Judge be appointed to the US Supreme Court, they know if Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment is confirmed they’ll be blocked no matter who’s in the White House for at least the next 20 years, and have no intention of allowing this to happen.

We must all remember when the Socialist Democrats defended Bill & Hillary Clinton, Frankin, Kennedy, Sharpton, Jackson and so many more, and most of us knows they’re Guilty of the Crimes which do include Rape, Abuse, Robbery, Destroying Evidence and on and on.

Most Voters have made up their minds on Judge Kavanaugh, 1/3 say he’s at the very least Guilty of something, 1/3 believe he’s Innocent of which I’m one when you consider the evidence now at hand and 1/3 who want to wait and see what the Senate Hearing finds thru the testimony of Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, but I also realize that Social Justice is what’s brought this about as the statements made and lack of any type evidence wouldn’t even allow this case to be filed on in the Real World, however we’re dealing in the Politically Divided World of the US Political system run by the Social Justice types and most in office haven’t had the Courage to Publicly question the Real Motive for this Charge which is to Prevent Judge Kavanaugh or any other Supreme Court Candidate who supports the US Constitution from being seated on the Court, and to discourage others similar to Judge Kavanaugh from accepting the invitation to be on the US Supreme Court, as they won’t want to put their Families thru this Social Justice Meat Grinder.

The Socialist Democrats have already won this Battle as intended, they got the attention of their Base by making them believe the charges and at the same time have discouraged the Faint of Heart in the GOP from voting for them, I’m certain you all know some Fence Sitters who Sway with the Wind, and they’ve taken their Loyal Press Associates down this Path who won’t allow it to just Die at least until after the Nov. Elections, so in that they’ve Won even if Judge Kavanaugh is Confirmed, mostly because far to many in the GOP Feared Losing Votes 4 calling this what it is, More Political Theater provided to Rally the Socialist Democrat Troops.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Declared Guilty Before a Trial!

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, it’s a method of Tell a Lie enough times and it becomes the Truth!

Does anyone ever wonder why in DC they spend so much time trying to find President Trump Guilty of something?
Does anyone ever wonder why just because Dr. Ford accuses Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being found Guilty even before one word of Testimony has been given?

Examine very closely just how the Shadow Government in DC works and why they’ve decided to make most Americans Distrust these men, who haven’t been proven Guilty of a crime, except in the Press, TV, Social Media, PACS, Lobbyist, Special Interests, Big Business and Socialist Democrats mixed in plus Purple GOP Elitists, all controlled by the One World Government types and their servants.

When we consider all the Crimes that most agree the Clinton’s have committed but never really charged with and in the Media always supported as though they’re the Pillars of the Political World, which if you look close enough by definition they are. We must all face just how morally corrupt the system in the USA has become over the last few Decades, and even when warned by both President Truman and Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Complex not many paid it any attention then and still don’t.

Americans no matter sex, age, etc. must Wake Up and see those at all levels of Government are beating this drum of Moral Corruption, which if left unchecked is Marching the USA into a Future of No Hope and even Less Freedom, most Voters seem to laugh it off when I’ve spoken about the Lying that goes on by many running for office as something Voters expect, accept and then Vote 4 the Liars to Represent them knowing all along they’ve been Lied to.

No one can expect good results when they purposely drive a Car Off a Cliff, yet this is what the Voters do when they Vote 4 Candidates who Lie but still Vote them into office, then complain about their service once in office, while the Voters knew this would happen but didn’t care enough to Fight against it.

If Voters in the USA don’t cease this practice of self deception then they have no one to Blame for the Futures of not only their Children and Grand Children but for the World at Large, which will also lose the Freedoms the USA has fought and died for since our inception, this will be a story that will go down in History as the Greatest Nation ever known to man willing to squander away the Freedoms of All to Benefit the Wicked, and done so without even a Shot being Fired.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Is the USA Politically Insane?

Definition of Political Insanity: Voting for the same Candidates / Career Politicans one election cycle after another and expecting the Career Politicians to give you the Results they Promised.

Every Two years the Parties send out their Incumbents telling us how Bad the other Party is, and if we only vote for them they’ll fix our Nation, and all our problems will be solved, for the most part the Voters in both Parties follow their instructions like Sheep.

The Democrats attack the GOP saying we hate Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Homosexuals, and will Eliminate your Right to Vote, Abortion, Medical Coverage, Social Security, and so on. The Republicans on the other hand pledge to Secure Our Borders, End Illegal Immigration, Repeal Obamacare, Secure Social Security, End or Limit Abortions, Cut Spending and so on.

We need to do what any Good Business does is to judge our employees by Performance, companies that have Bonus Programs if you hit the numbers you get a Bonus, if not no Bonus, and miss a couple of Quarters, and you’ll be Fired.

This is how Government should be run as their Loyalty belongs to the Citizens, and not the Bureaucrats, Lobbyists, Special Interest, PACS or the Party, this is the only way we’ll ever Fix the USA is by Voters never Voting Twice for Candidates who don’t perform.

We must be concerned about Our Republic, and how they’re Protecting Our God Granted Rights, meaning they must never Vote to Restrict, Remove or Alter any of Our God Granted Freedoms, for if they do no matter the Excuse, that’s reason enough Vote them OUT.

If All Americans take the Pledge of Allegiance Seriously ,and judge those in office by that and the Oath each of them took the Decline of the USA would End, but unless the American Voter becomes more Loyal to the USA than their Party this will never happen and both Parties are counting on that, it’s similar to being a Fan Club rather than The Owner which is are the American Citizens.

The lesson all of us must learn from History is Career Politicians are made by the Voters continuing to Vote 4 the Lesser of Two Evils, and as long as the American Voters continue down this path of Insanity due to the Fear Mongering of the Parties, don’t ever expect any long term changes, but certain Voters will continue Complaining, but Never Accept Responsibility for Voting 4 the Career Politicians.

Remember: Freedom gives the USA its’ Economy, and not the other way around, as the Economy goes up and down regularly and always will, however if we Lose Our Freedoms its’ All Over

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

AZ GOP Who’s Left to Vote 4 in Nov. Election?

Purple GOP says Vote 4 US or the Democrats will Eat You!

Clair Van Steenwyk’s Response to Rob Haney’s & Rick Hennessey’s comments on the GOP in GOP Briefs of 9/18/18 and who’s left to Vote 4 in the Nov. General: I agree more with Rob than Rick, as we face this dilemma every 2 yrs. with the Purple Wing of the GOP winning and then demanding all the GOP Voters settle for them in the General who we didn’t support in the Primary for the Good of the Country or State, when in fact it’s for only the Good of the Purple Wing of the GOP and nothing more.

Jean & I have been active in the GOP since moving to AZ, with my Radio Show putting on GOP Candidates, Forums, Rallies, Campaigning 4 Candidates and finally in Running 4 Office myself.

We supported Candidates like Jeff Smith vs. Flake, Andy vs. Ducey, Horne vs. Brnovich, Moak vs. Quail, Dowling vs. Lesko, Branch vs. Field, Douglas vs. Huppenthal, Myself vs. Flake & Cardon, Trump vs. Purple Gangand lastly myself vs. Livingston. and although losing then asked to Vote 4 the winner of the Primary by the Purple Wing of the GOP 4 the good of the State & Country, meaning the GOP Theology of Lesser of Two Evils .

The problem of Lesser of Two Evils is if those Voting for True Conservatives / Defenders of the U.S. Constitution would Donate the $$$$$$$$’s needed to compete as those they run against get Thousands and in some cases Millions from the Lobbyists and PACS to maintain control, the bad decisions for the Nov. Gen. wouldn’t exist if those who are so angry would just DONATE to Candidates that will Truly Represent US and at the same Time Save Our State & Country’s March to Socialism for All of US, or complain after the Primary and then vote knowing they Lied to US in the Primary, for the Good of the PURPLE Wing of the GOP.

Jean & I vote on Issues and Records if the Candidate has one and if not then on their personal history on the issues gotten from them and supported by those who’ve known them well,we don’t vote 4 Liars or Cheats so it’s easy for us after the Primary, so we’ll be voting 4 Gaynor, Bottom of the Ballot Candidates and Props etc. as can’t vote 4 Evil.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Overthrow the U.S. Government

The Overthrow of the U. S. Republic by the Shadow Government!

We must all face facts and they are really simple to see if you’ll just pay attention to what our Federal Government has been doing now for decades. They began undermining our Republic by enlarging the scope of the Federal Government into areas it has No Constitutional Jurisdiction to name a few; Agriculture, Healthcare, Welfare, Education, Commerce, Homeland Security, EPA, and so many other Depts. and Agencies, while the U.S. Constitution authorizes only the Departments of Defense, Treasury, State, and Justice ,all others aren’t allowed in the U.S. Constitution but are left to the Sovereign States to manage, however they’ve all failed in their Legal Responsibilities as well by allowing this intrusion.

We must now in 2018 recognize that the dilemma we find ourselves in at present is the 1st full blown attempt by the Shadow Government with the Aid of the Socialist Democrats and Republicans to overthrow a duly Elected Government of and by the People is now come full circle and must be looked upon as an attempted overthrow by them, most choose to call it just an investigation into Leaks when the intent of the Leaks is to Remove a sitting President who We the People choose to place at the Head of Our Government, thereby making what they’re dong an ACT of Treason and must be addressed as such if we hope to repel it and any future attempts at doing the same whenever We the People place a person at the Head of Our Government they don’t approve of.

If we choose to allow them to just call this attempt to Overthrow Our Government nothing more than a few disgruntled employees leaking information so as to discredit the President rather than a Revolution intended on Restoring all of them to Power we’ll End Up losing Our Nation and the Freedoms Granted US by God and Guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, so I hope all will begin to understand this isn’t just an political disagreement between the two Parties, but an attempted Overthrow of Our Duly Elected President and must be treated and prosecuted in a like manner.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk