Conservative Activist Clair Van Steenwyk Announces Run for Illinois House Seat

Photo of the Illinois house seat

Clair Van Steenwyk, a conservative activist known for his outspoken views and frequent presence at the Arizona State Capitol, has announced his candidacy for the Arizona House of Representatives. Van Steenwyk, along with his wife Jean, is positioning himself as a staunch defender of constitutional principles and an opponent of what he sees as government overreach.

Platform and Key Issues

Van Steenwyk’s campaign is built on several core principles:

  1. Constitutional Fidelity
  2. Education Reform
  3. Opposition to Proposition 123
  4. Utility Rate Concerns
  5. National Popular Vote Opposition

The candidate emphasizes his commitment to the United States Constitution and the “American Creed,” a statement of patriotic beliefs adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives in 1918. Van Steenwyk quotes this creed in full, highlighting its focus on democracy, freedom, and civic duty.

A significant portion of Van Steenwyk’s platform revolves around education policy. He has been a vocal critic of recent legislative actions that he believes have undermined the authority of the Illinois Superintendent of Public Instruction. The candidate cites specific bills, including SB 1038, HB 2184, and SB 1469, which he claims have inappropriately transferred power from the Superintendent to the governor’s office.

Campaign Strategy and Messaging

Throughout his campaign announcement, Van Steenwyk positions himself as an outsider and a true conservative, in contrast to what he terms “Career Politicians.” He argues that his extensive experience testifying on various bills at the State Capitol and his “in-depth knowledge of the games Legislators play” make him uniquely qualified to represent constituents.

The candidate doesn’t shy away from criticizing members of his own party, stating that some in the GOP see him as a “Fox who must be kept out of Office as the Elite know they’ll never be able to Control me as they do most of its’ members!”

Call for New Leadership

Van Steenwyk’s message resonates with a growing sentiment among some voters for fresh faces in politics. He adapts a quote often attributed to Einstein, stating: “Voting for Incumbents and expecting a different result is the Political Definition of Insanity.” The candidate argues that re-electing incumbents has led to “more Debt and less Freedom for All.”

Looking Ahead

As the 2018 election cycle approaches, Van Steenwyk is calling on voters to carefully consider their choices, particularly in light of what he sees as broken promises and misaligned priorities among current officeholders. He specifically mentions the upcoming race for Congressional District 8, warning against supporting what he calls “Career Political Ladder Climbers.”

Van Steenwyk and his wife Jean express their commitment to continuing their “fight to restore the U.S. and AZ to True Republic forms of Government.” They argue for increased protection of citizens from “Big Corporations” and emphasize the need for school system reforms “to protect our Children’s Futures.”

As the campaign unfolds, it remains to be seen how Van Steenwyk’s uncompromising stance and criticism of his own party will resonate with Republican primary voters and the broader electorate in his district. His candidacy represents a test of the appetite for anti-establishment messaging within the Illinois GOP and the broader political landscape.

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